Download Paso Doble Routines - Silver



Note: This download is only for the Silver Paso Doble video.

Our Paso Doble Collection consists of three separate videos:

Video 1 - Basic Paso Doble technique
           - Bronze Paso Doble routine
Video 2 - Silver Paso Doble routine
Video 3 - Gold Paso Doble routine
Video 1 starts off with Andy teaching the fundamental technique and steps of this exciting Latin dance. This is then followed by a detailed demonstration and instruction of the Bronze Paso Doble routine using Bronze syllabus figures. Video 2 is a Silver routine incorporating Silver syllabus figures. Video 3 is a Gold routine using Gold syllabus steps. These videos feature professional instructors Andy Wong and Linda Chen.

Every one of the four sides of the routine is shown a number of times in expert detail and includes:

  • Full description and demonstration of the steps
  • Front and reverse angle views of man's steps only
  • Front and reverse angle views of the lady's steps only
  • Front and reverse angle views of the couple dancing together with music
  • Proper technique of leading and following 

    Total time of all 3 DVDs: 3 hours

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