What is Shop by Download?
Purchasing by direct download is the fastest way to obtain and watch our instructional videos! The downloaded files are exactly the same as our mail order DVDs and you can watch instantly on any computer, iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device.

What are the benefits of Shop by Download?

  • Instant access
  • No shipping fees
  • No waiting period due to shipping
  • No tax and duties for our International customers  
  • Easily transfer any video from your computer onto any mobile devices (see info below)

What is the format of the downloaded video files?
The videos are in MP4 files.

Can I watch the videos on my iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device?

Absolutely yes.  There are two ways you can watch your videos on your mobile devices.  One way is to place them all in the ’movies’ library in iTunes.  Then you can select which ones you want on your mobile device by the ‘sync and transfer’ method.  I personally find this method cumbersome.  I prefer to use a much easier method that uses my home Wifi to copy the videos from my computer to either my iPad or iPhone.  This is called the wireless transfer app.  Here is how it works:

1. Download the app from http://www.wirelesstransferapp.com/ to both your computer and mobile device.

2. Now just follow the simple instruction on the app to copy any video or photo files from your computer to your mobile device. It can also work in reverse– from device to computer.  The app works with PC Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Is there any difference between the DVD and the MP4 download?

No, there is no difference in between the DVD and the MP4 downloaded file.  We have embedded the menu and chapter headings from each DVD right into the corresponding MP4 file.  This means that you can select the exact scene or step pattern that you wish to watch instantly from the menu, just like on the DVD.  However this will only work if you watch the downloaded video using iTunes or Quicktime as the default player.  The videos will play using other programs such as Windows Media Player but the menu and chapters will not show up. The step list pdf for each video is can also be downloaded from our online store under the description of each video.

Are there any quantity discounts for purchasing more downloads?

Yes.  If you buy individually selected video downloads, our online store will automatically give you the following discounts during the Check Out process.

Buy 1 0% discount
Buy 5 10% discount
Buy 10 20% discount
Buy 15 25% discount
Buy 20 30% discount
Buy 40 40% discount


In addition, we have put together many 'single dance collections' and 'package discounts' whereby you can simply select the a package and get a volume discount, without going through the process of selecting individual videos and adding them into the shopping cart.  Just click the heading 'Single Dance Collections & Package Discounts' on the left hand column under Download DVD Store.

What is the approximate time to download each video?

  • 1GB file will take 5 to 10 minutes
  • 2GB file will take 10 to 20 minutes
  • 3GB file will take 20 to 30 minutes