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119. "Hi Andy & Wendy.  My name is Bob Kerby and over the years I have purchased almost all of your DVDs, and I’ve wanted to express my appreciation for some time. I live near Toronto and it’s been 50 years since my wife and I studied for our medals under Yitka Bouma (no idea how to spell her name lol)   However, although I’m confident on the dance floor I’m very aware of how much sloppiness has crept into my dancing. For instance I almost never get my footwork correct in the Slow Fox three step. LOL  I’m 77 now (and feeling it sometimes) but I still get tremendous satisfaction teaching new generations how to dance.  But before every class I always go to your dvds to review and refresh myself on the dos and don’ts in any step or variation.  And I just wanted you to know how very much you have helped me over the years and how much I value my Grand Ballroom dvd collection."          Robert Kerby, Canada May 3, 2024

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They have provided me and my wife with many interesting steps to include into our dance routines.

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on the web, or that I have experienced in private lessons with some
excellent teachers."                      John DeLuca, USA  Dec. 16, 2021

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111. "Thanks a lot for the great videos. This is a fantastic work and especially during the Corona time a great pastime. I enjoy watching you dance."                                                                   Christian Weller, Germany Dec. 1, 2020

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106. "Thanks Andy - I got so much from the silver foxtrot - you explain everything so simply and beautifully.  My fox trot lesson went amazingly well after watching it!"                Sally Warren, UK   Sept. 22, 2019

105. “As one of your first students in 1993, I always remember you and Wendy  as great teachers and friends. I have retired from teaching at the University of Alabama in 2008, but continued teaching dancing and serving as dance host on cruise lines. I have obtained my professional certification at the Silver level in the American Rhythm and Smooth. and last year obtained my Gold certification in International Latin at the Gold level. My examiner was the legendary Ron Montez. I'm scheduled to take the Bronze International Standard in mid-July. I have most of your DVDs and I'm sure they are the best! I'm blessed that at the age of 79, am still dancing and have the motivation to continue learning and breaking my own record to be the oldest in the US to be certified. Thank you for your great teaching skills and instilling in me the love for dancing.”       Mohamed Abdul-Ghany, Alabama USA   June 18, 2019

104. "Thank you for this. My wife and I liked your videos on youtube and want to spend some time learning from your beginner videos before looking into the Bronze videos. Who knows, maybe we will join a dance school here in Australia! Your videos are very clear and inspiring. Thank you !"     Isaac Millburn, Australia   May 29, 2019

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100. "Thank you very much for this. We really benefit from these videos – we have a class and lesson each week but then revise the dances using your great material. We are pretty ancient retirees, but dancing keeps us going!"      Elliott Brown, England    Feb. 12, 2019

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95. “Andy, thank you!  I’m very grateful for the way you teach the steps in great detail.  It’s a great help for me that you also make remarks on posture and other small details.”       Simon Schiele, Germany    Dec. 7, 2017

94. "I'm really looking forward to seeing all the Videos. Really love your clear explanations. I'd love to take lessons with you in Person but that's a bit too far away..."                          Sandra Schmitz, Switzerland      Nov. 28,2017

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89. "We watch you on YouTube and feel as an online teacher of Dance there is no one better, i wish we were somewhere near you to take a class."     Paul Swann, UK  Mar. 19, 2017

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73. "Thank you for the update. I have been watching and downloading the online videos. I have taken group lessons for several years and private lesson for about 9 months, but I find your videos so useful to focus in on a particular step or footwork as a refresher and avoid practicing it incorrectly or having to wait for the next lesson to ask a simple question. It is rather remarkable how quickly a little detail can be forgotten after a lesson if it cannot be reinforced immediately, and often schedules prevent this, so the videos seem a good way to address the problem. And I find them very simple, clear, and precise."   David Mount,   Connecticut, USA     Sept. 30, 2015

72. "We looked at all the videos from you on youtube. We must say we never saw a learning course so good described and shown as the ones from you!!!  And we dance quite awhile already and saw many teachers. I went to your homepage and read about your history. Congratulations! I think it is great that you made these videos because people from Switzerland and all over the world can have the benefit of your lessons!             Sonja Huebscher, Switzerland   Aug. 19, 2015

71. "Must compliment you and Wendy on your instructional technique, it is very good and very easy to understand. If any one asks me, I'll recommend your downloads as The Best Available..."               Phil Gash, Chico CA, USA    Aug. 15, 2015

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69. "Your excellent instructional videos will be invaluable to me. Everything is so clearly explained and thoroughly demonstrated that I feel imbued with confidence that I can, with appropriate effort, learn to dance. To my chagrin I discovered ballroom dancing later in life, but I have no time to dwell on my late arrival because of the fascination, challenge and enjoyment offered by ballroom dancing. Whilst I cannot become a champion, I can still become the best ballroom dancer that I can be."                          Mark Knight, Australia     Feb. 21, 2015

68. "Thank you for making these awesome DVD. I love your attention to details and the technical aspects of your teaching.  Currently I am working on the bronze syllabus, both standard and latin. I would like to wish you and Wendy Happy New Year."             Jack Kasinski, Calgary, Canada    Jan. 3, 2015

67. "Dear Andy: I love your lessons – the lessons complete the group lessons Dave and I are taking.  I come home from the group lesson and immediately find the step in your DVD and I am able to practice the steps each week.  Thanks so much."                          Debbie Knott, FL, USA      Oct.22, 2014

66. "Dear Andy, Thank you very much indeed for this. May I take this opportunity to express my huge admiration for your teaching on the DVDs. I go to a good class in Leamington Spa UK and your coaching is invaluable to me, even when little differences occur. I wish I could come over to Canada and study with you personally! Maybe one day..."         Ivor McGregor, West Midlands UK    Oct. 21, 2014

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64. "We are grade D senior dancers, who started competitive dancing last year. Your Bronze II and Silver lessons, we already have, are an excellent supplement to private lessons. We particularly like attention to details, tailoring level of complexity to the level of audience, syllabus and presentation. The DVDs allow us to catch up things we miss in studio, or learn steps in advance, which save a lot of time and money. Your lessons help to establish a solid technical base, which leads eventually to real enjoyment of fluid dancing, even at competitions. Also we like your route variations, we can use to develop a floor craft skills. Thank you very much for the lessons and running this enterprise of giving people opportunity to be part of wonderful world of ballroom."                                     Vadim & Irina, New Zealand        7/9/2014

63. "Thank you so much for your consideration.  By the way I want to let you know that I really enjoy your videos. Your instructions are excellent. They are very informative, concise, and I know the information you present is very valuable to my progress. Thank you for making these videos."   Henry Eng, New Jersey USA      2/6/2014

62. "Dear Andy, I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you and Wendy for your wonderful videos.  My wife and I have been taking International Ballroom classes for just over a year now and are hooked!  We live in a relatively small town in Ontario. We have an excellent instructor through our local parks and Rec dept, who teaches us international style... However, as we are now in our mid-forties we realize that we don't learn quite as quickly as some of the young couples in their twenties do!  ... We tend to need a refresher during the week and I found your videos on YouTube. In particular we were having a bit of trouble with the Tipple Chasse in the Quickstep and being able to watch your video, pause it, and really learn the steps at our own speed helped a great deal.  I am very lucky, being an Anglican priest, that we have a church basement to practice in during the week!  I downloaded several of your videos from your store a few months back and we learned many new steps and practice them in the church hall. A few of the others couples from our class have come over for practice nights and we have been able to share some of the figures we have learned from your videos. Ballroom dancing has brought us a lot of joy. Thank you for being a part of that, even if at a distance..."   Daniel Graves, Ontario       23/5/2014

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60. "Thanks Andy, my wife needs to learn a special kind of teaching.  She needs a step for step introducing like yours. Most other teachers say: you have to do this, and make a turn and this and this and this and ........show the next. That doesn't helps her.  That's why I’m really happy to find your videos on YouTube. It is awesome and help so much to learn step by step!! She loves it."            Jorn, Germany      9/2/2014

59. "I use this opportunity to congratulate you on the quality and clarity of your lessons.  As a dance teacher (and former competitor) I have to admit that since I discovered your tutorials, I have structured my classes differently and my life has become so much easier. Thanks for the fantastic job. It's great to know that, whenever I'm in need of inspiration, I will shortly be able to say to myself:" Let's see what Andy and Wendy do there".    Dominique Vitali, France   29/11/2013

58. "My wife and I find going back and forth through your material on the internet the most instructive form for us. You have one of the best presentations and demonstrations I have seen from any teacher, video or internet."                    Brian Miles,      28/11/2013

57. "Thank you very much for your excellent DVD.  My wife and I have been purchasing your dvd and learnt a lot from them.  We wished we could live near your place so that we can join your classes."            Mick and Alex Nguyen, Australia            14/11/2013

56. "Your instruction is fantastic and I especially enjoy the way you break down the man's steps and the lady's steps and the various views you provide.  I have them on my iPad so that I can view them while I travel for business and work on my figures and technique."          Tommy Re, North Carolina USA      24/9/2013

55. "I would just tell you that you are an excellent teacher!  I've been through steps by some other instructors but not as clear as from you in these videos.  Very good.”                              Hilde Marie Bager, Oslo Norway       22/9/2013

54. "This is a very well done video (Paso Doble).  I just looked at the first one and the presentation is excellent.  I have over 100 dance videos and this is one of the best I have ever seen.   Very clear.  Thanks for the prompt service and great DVD."                         Sonny Routt, Palm Springs USA      28/8/2013

53. "I wanted to say hello and thanks for all the videos you have made.  We have learned a lot and greatly improved our dancing from the videos.  The videos are easy to understand and follow.  The common faults are especially helpful."               Al & Marleen Chong, Honolulu USA    16/8/2013

52. "Hi Andy, I have just purchased a Beginner DVD.  I am delighted with this purchase.  I am so delighted to have made contact with your site, as I just happened on it by chance when browsing, looking for some/any help with my steps.  Am just learning the Waltz and I was delighted with yourself and Wendy.  You explained everything so well.  The best of luck to you both."                                     Agnes Matthews, Ireland    4/8/2013

51. "Andy, I previously bought the Quickstep series and I was very pleased with it. I find your videos are very well done, you give excellent and very detailed explanation, your videos complement extremely well the dance lessons I take here in Ottawa. I used them as reference and have watched many times. Thank you for making these videos available for purchase."                Réjean Simard, Ottawa   2/8/2013

50. "The DVDs are fantastic for anyone that is interested in dancing."                    Sunitha Verghis, New Zealand     4/7/2013

49. "We're a social dance studio in South Africa and we're looking to finalise our syllabus.  We absolutely love your videos and I am especially impressed with the way you present them."                           Steffie Fourie, South Africa   19/6/2013

48. "I really like your way of explaining what good posture is.  I have been dancing for a few years but have never thought of the frame formed by the shoulder lines and hip lines."                   Don, Monterey Park CA   15/6/2013

47. "Andy, I love your teaching style and Wendy makes things look so easy and simplified!!!!! Some female instructors on dance DVD's are so made up and plastic surgery perfect - that they are impossible to identify with and they make me feel intimidated. Wendy is a wonderful dancer for women to model as she is about the right technique and being quietly graceful and eloquent."         Sue Henderson, Calgary 18/4/2013

46. "Mr. Wong, my wife and I look forward to enjoying your lessons on the videos after watching them on You Tube for weeks!  You and Wendy make learning how to dance so enjoyable."                                                     Ken Moye, Alhambra CA   19/3/2013

45. "Can I just say a big thank you to you Mr. Wong. My wife and I started dance tuition last Sept here in the UK after 32 years of marriage. Something we always wanted to do, but never got around to. We found a local school who is a member of the International Dance Teacher Assoc and we are getting along fine. However, I came across your site and numerous YouTube videos that have been a god send. Sometimes it's hard to take it all in at the class, but I find your videos are almost exactly as our tutor is teaching us, and to see you go through the steps it has been a great help to us. Coincidentally, we were in Vancouver just last year ( before we started our dancing ) had we known about your marvelous set up, We would have loved to have come along to see it , but maybe next time. Thank you once again for the inspiration."              Andrew and Carol, UK   19/2/2013

44. "Jan and I discovered your teaching modules last week on You Tube, and found them so totally inspiring that we decided to download.  In fact watching your clips enabled us to resolve in seconds a little problem--that was disrupting our dance-so we are already indebted to you and Wendy."              Bob Bellamy, UK    11/2/2013

43. "My wife and I have enjoyed all the material we bought from you over the years and more importantly enjoy our dancing more because of your instruction... thanks for the quality material you produce..."                   Rob Bickerdike, Vero Beach, FL, USA    9/12/2012

42. "I purchased all your dvds right up to Silver in the summer and must pass on my congratulations on this excellent series.  It is not only clear and thorough, but puts one at ease because of your personable teaching style.  Thanks to both of you for your very hard work in putting this valuable resource together for us."                                                                 Ray Chesin, Parksville Canada    4/12/2012

41. "Dear Andy Wong, I am looking forward to receiving your DVDs.  I have been watching some of your lessons on YouTube for a while and finally ordered your tapes to continue my training.  Congratulations on your expertise and experience.  I really respect your organized, clear and patient style of teaching."          Marilyn Bowe, USA    4/9/2012

40. "The videos are perfect and you style of teaching is wonderful and amazing. Thank you very much for this great work. Now we have to create a time schedule for watching your lessons and practice the different figures."              Robert Adler, Germany   9/8/2012

39. "Dear Mr. Wong, Some years ago I was as lucky as to buy the complete sets of your instructional DVDs, and all I can say is, they are really excellent both in conception and presentation. All steps are lucidly declared, and it is very fine to see a teacher (and his partner) just doing precisely what he was announcing before ... Thank you very much for you have done this."            Rainer Birkendorf, Germany    30/6/2012

38. "We are certainly enjoying your DVD’s. Your instructions are so very clear and well organised into achievable elements. Thank you."     Peggy and Robert Knott, Australia  13/3/2012

37. "Your instruction DVDs are great.  I'm so happy to have bought them, because your instructions are easy to understand and to put into practice."                                        Nga Lu, Willich, Germany  3/3/2012

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35. "Thank you very much Andy. I admire your methodology which combines accuracy and style so beautifully."         Yori Mayron, Tel Aviv, Israel  31/1/2012  

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18. “Andy - your you tube videos totally sold me — yours are the best international ballroom instruction clips I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot — you have a style for teaching that succeeds in balancing looking professional without the “exaggeration” of style you see in professional competitions, which makes it difficult to relate to as a “social dancer”. Your teaching tips are done just right — you add a couple of tips re style and steps at different times so that learning is not an overload initially, yet they cover all the aspects anyone would need to know re dance to dance like a pro. You and Wendy make dance learning approachable for us new dancers. Thanks.”               Owen Sheaks, Reston, VA, USA  Dec 2013

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