Download Bronze II Standard Slow Foxtrot: International Style, Basic Level


This teaching video shows in complete detail all of the steps of the Slow Foxtrot taught by Andy & Wendy in their Bronze II Standard group class. Andy & Wendy only start to teach Slow Foxtrot to their students at the Bronze II level.  So if you are looking for a video that starts from scratch teaching the very basic steps, this is it!   Andy & Wendy took great effort to duplicate their method of teaching onto each video. The result is a video library that is the perfect complement to their in-class instruction. 

Every variation is shown a number of times in expert detail and includes:

  • Full description and demonstration of the step
  • Front angle view and back angle view
  • Man’s steps only with proper musical count
  • Lady’s steps only with proper musical count
  • Close up view of feet positions and foot work
  • Proper technique of leading and following
  • A simple routine that includes the variation
  • Common faults and cures
  • Dancing together with music


Duration: 33 min

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