DOWNLOADs - All Standard Collection Special - 45 video downloads


Bronze I Standard 5-video downloads

Bronze II Standard 5-video downloads

Silver Standard 6-video downloads

Gold Standard 8-video downloads

Gold Star I Standard 4-video downloads

Gold Star II Standard 4-video downloads

Common Faults & Cures - Bronze I Standard 4-video downloads
Common Faults & Cures - Bronze II Standard 4-video downloads
Common Faults & Cures - Silver Standard 4-video downloads

Basic Technique for Standard Dances video download

Total: 10 Complete Sets - 45 video downloads

Since it will take many hours to download all of the video files, we can save you the work and load all 45 MP4 video files onto a USB flash drive and mail it to you.  We can also send you the links to any video that you wish to download and watch right away. Just let me know in the 'notes' section in the checkout process.

If you have any questions, feel free to phone me on my cell at 778-870-2699 or email me at  If I am unable to answer it is because I am teaching or driving.  So don't give up, I would love to answer your questions.


Click on the links below to see the full details and video clips of each collection.

1. Bronze I Standard 5-DVD complete set

2. Bronze II Standard 5-DVD complete set

3. Silver Standard 6-DVD complete set

4. Common Faults & Cures - Bronze I Standard 4-DVD set

5. Common Faults & Cures - Bronze II Standard 4-DVD set

6. Common Faults & Cures - Silver Standard 4-DVD set

7. Gold Standard 8-DVD complete set 

8. Gold Star I Standard 4-DVD complete set

9. Gold Star II Standard 4-DVD complete set 

10. Basic Technique for Standard Dances DVD 

(Regular total price of DVDs if purchased separately: $921.65 plus shipping charge) 

Special download package price plus free shipping (37% discount): $580.00 Canadian

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Once we have received your order, we will email to you all the links for the video downloads from our Dropbox folder.