Common Faults & Cures - Silver Tango


This video is a follow up to our Silver Tango video.  In the original Silver Tango, we teach and demonstrate each variation in detail.  In this follow up video, we show you the most common mistakes that we see in Silver level students and how to correct them (see the sample clip below).  It is the mistakes that we see all the time in our private teaching.  This video would be the perfect compliment to the original Silver Tango and a valuable leaning aid for those students who may not have the opportunities to take private lessons.

DVD Duration: 53 min

Recommendation: If you are just starting to learn the Silver Tango variations, then we recommend purchasing the Silver Tango video first.  The Common Faults & Cures video is intended for students who are already familiar with the Silver Tango variations.

For the best value, purchase the Common Faults & Cures- Silver Standard 4-DVD Collection.

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