Gold Standard Viennese Waltz: International Style, Advanced Level 2


This DVD is a visual library of 100% of the Viennese Waltz variations and amalgamations taught in Andy & Wendy’s hugely popular Gold Standard group class. The major emphasis on this video is the detailed explanation and demonstration of the Reverse and Natural Flecklrs. The video is divided into 6 specific lessons that guide the student to dance from the entry through to the exit of this complex amalgamation. Andy & Wendy took great effort to duplicate their method of teaching onto the DVD.

Every variation is shown a number of times in expert detail and includes:

  • Full description and demonstration of the step
  • Front angle view and back angle view
  • Man’s steps only with proper musical count
  • Lady’s steps only with proper musical count
  • Close up view of feet positions and foot work
  • Proper technique of leading and following
  • A simple routine that includes the variation
  • Common faults and cures
  • Dancing together with music

These are the only DVDs produced in Canada that show the Gold syllabus of International style Standard ballroom dancing. They are the perfect complement to your in-class instruction. The entire collection of Silver & Gold videos were filmed at The Grand Ballroom. A step list is included with each DVD. The best value is to purchase the Gold Standard 8-DVD Collection package. 

Our DVDs have no region codes and can be played on any dvd player.  We can ship orders to any country in the world.


Duration (double DVDs): 52 min
Click here to see step list